Suffering from knee pain?

Knee pain could be due to:
·   Overuse syndrome
·    Ligamentous injury
·    Muscular injury
·    Nerve injury
·    Vascular diseases
·    tendinitis
·    Osteoarthritis
·    Bursitis
·    capsulitis
·    Infection
·    Congenital abnormality

Structure of knee joint:
Knee joint is made up of three bones, various ligaments, two menisci (shock absorbing pad like structures embedded between two bones) and joint capsule and fluid.

Osteoarthritis of knee

It is a wear and tear condition of joint where there is reduction of cartilage structure of bones (polishing structure over bone, which makes it to glide easily while movement), resulting in rough surfaces, osteophytes(small stone like growth of bone at edges), many times characterised by swelling, pain and dysfunction in knee joint.

It can be classified as primary and secondary osteoarthritis. Primary means cause is unknown. It is more common than secondary Osteoarthritis. It is usually due to ageing and wear and tear in joint.
Causes of osteoarthritis of knee.
·    Genetic/inheritant
·    Occupational
·    Overweight/obesity
·    Gender
·    Postmenopausal
·    Repetitive injuries
·    Thyroid disease
·    Dislocation of joint
·    Previous infection
·    RA

·    Pain
·    Stiffness
·    Warmth
·    Cranking sound
·    Swelling
.     difficulty in walking

Diagnostic tools:
CT Scan

Main of treatment of osteoarthritis of knee is to relieve pain and to enhance or maintain mobility and function.It is to be done according to severity and extent of osteoarthritis.It is as follows:

·         Weight loss. Losing weight, can significantly decrease knee pain from osteoarthritis.
·         Exercise. Strengthening the muscles around the knee makes the joint more stable and decreases pain. Stretching exercises help keep the knee joint mobile and flexible.
·         Pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medicines. It can relieve pain, but better to avoid for more than 10 days.
·         Injections of corticosteroids or hyaluronic acid into the knee. Steroids are powerful anti-inflammatory drugs. Hyaluronic acid is normally present in joints as a type of lubricating fluid.
·          Braces. There are two types of braces: "unloader" braces, which take the weight away from the side of the knee affected by arthritis; and "support" braces, which provide support for the entire knee.
·         Physiotherapy. If you are having trouble with daily activities, physiotherapy can help. Physical therapists teach you ways to strengthen muscles and increase flexibility in your joint.
·         Surgery. When other treatments don't work, surgery is a good option. It could be in the form of arthroscopy,osteotomy,or joint replacement.

How to prevent it from worsening?

·    Avoid prolonged standing
·    Avoid stairs
·    Avoid crossed leg sitting
·    Avoid squatting position
·    Maintain appropriate body weight
·    Keep walking
·    Consider ergonomics

Ayurved also can help in conjunction with physiotherapy:

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